Rotary Club of 
Service above Self
Officially,   the   Rotary   Club   of   Silver   City   was   formed   in   1923,   but   the   oldest   available   picture   of   club   membership   dates   to   1937.   Club members   shown   are:   (Standing,   left   to   right)   Harold   Kelsey,   Fred   Parrish,   Clyde   Ely,   John   O’Leary,   Dr.   Arthur   Gill,   Seth   Larson,   T.A.   Shutte, George   Johnson,   Jack   Wilson,   Ross   Calvin.   (Sitting,   left   to   right)   Frank   Parrish,   Fred   Smith,   Julius   Becker   (visiting),   Jack   Amy,   Dr.   Nate Frazin, Melvin Porterfield Sr., Bob Noble, Hadden W. James, J. Vernon Glenn, Milton Stovall.
The Club was chartered on November 2, 1923   CHARTER BOARD OF DIRECTORS:   President - Earl Sprague, Physician, NM Cottage Sanatorium VIE-PRESIDENT - A.O. Bowden, President, NM Normal University SECRETARY - William R. Warner Insurance Agent & Forest Ranger TREASURER - E.A. Woodhull, Editor of the Silver City Enterprise SERGEANT-AT-ARMS - William Murray, Merchant, store in Central   CHARTER MEMBERS:   Harry E. Bassett, Ford auto dealer John H. Blackwell, book and jewelry store owner Frank B. Brewer, physician, executive officer, Fort Bayard W.S. Cox, hardware store and mortuary owner James B. Gilchrist, banker, cattleman, banker, engineer Roland A. Laird, house painter Don W. Lusk, newspaperman, editor Raymond B. Ryan, lawyer, district judge John Schadel, bakery owner A.D. Seitzler, saddle maker Frederick Winn, forest supervisor Ira L. Wright, mining engineer More history is represented by the following listing of club presidents since 1923 and, in the case of recent years, some Rotary activities during those years: 2013-14 President: Sunny Yates Rotary Auction produced sufficient funds to enable the club to award $12,000 to each of the following nonprofit organizations: Literacy Link - Leamos, The Imagination Library of Grant County, The Grant County Volunteer Center. Club received Presidential Citation with Distinction. Club was named Small Club of the Year at District Conference. Alotta Gelato receive Small Business of the Year award at District Conference. Two Students awarded Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and sent to RYLA camp in July 2014 Awarded two $1,500 college scholarships to graduating high school students Hosted Belgian Rotary Youth Exchange Student Emilie Charlez. 2012-13 President: William Knuttinen Four students awarded Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and sent to Camp RYLA. Alicia Edwards name Local Hero. Club received Presidential Citation. 2011-12 President: Wayne Barnard Successful Rotay Auction raising $40,000, with four non-profit organizations receiving $9,000 each. Hosted South African GSE Team (Rotary District 5520 sent a GSE team to South Africa, but a member of the team from Silver City had to drop out due to business obligations.) Four students awarded Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and sent to Camp RYLA Successful participation in Gila Monster Challenge 2010-11 President: Christy Miller Successful Charity Golf Tournament with proceeds going to local fire departments Hosted Rotary Youth Exchange Program student Benjamin Snaafs from Finland 2009-10 President: Tony Macias 2008-9 President: Jim Callender Successful Charity Auction which raised $5,000 each for six different non-profit organizations, plus $3,000 for the Polio Plus program. The auction also produced side-benefits for some of the applicants who were not selected as beneficiaries of the auction. The annual Golf Scramble raised funds for El Refugio and the Humane Society. Three Rotary college scholarships of $1,000 each were awarded to graduating high school students. An ambulance plus $2,000 were donated to support the Guatemala water project. Three RYLA awards were made to high school students. Presidents 2007-2008 and Before: 2007-2008 Phillip “Chris” Farren 2006-2007 Ray Davis 2005-2006 Kathy Eaton 2004-2005 James Edd Hughes 2003-2004 Laura Howell 2002-2003 Mark Erickson  2001-2002 Cynthia Bettison 2000-2001 Steve Maxwell 1999-2000 Lanny Olson 1998-1999 Dennis Hunter 1997-1998 Teri Gatton 1996-1997 Celia Foy Castillo 1995-1996 Kevin Thompson 1994-1995 Dan Tressler 1993-1994 Steve Jacobson 1992-1993 Laura Wygant 1991-1992 Robert Taylor 1990-1991 Don White 1989-1990 Richard “Dick” Rhoades 1988-1989 William “Bill” Harrison 1987-1988 Tom Turner 1986-1987 Librado Maldonado 1985-1986 G. Dean Martin, Librado Maldonado 1984-1985 John Butler 1983-1984 Bob Keil 1982-1983 Hilton Dickson 1981-1982 Murray Ryan 1980-1981 Earl Hathorn 1979-1980 Tom Lloyd 1978-1979 Ollie McCrary 1977-1978 Elton C. Smith 1976-1977 Bill W. Nichols 1975-1976 R.E. “Bob” West 1974-1975 William G. “Bill” Word 1973-1974 Fred A. Crawford 1972-1973 Ed Walkey 1971-1972 William J. “Bill” Colby 1970-1971 Tom Hilton 1969-1970 Richard C. “Dick” Johnson 1968-1969 Frank Woodruff 1967-1968 J.W. “Wes” Stebbins 1966-1967 Jess Bingaman 1965-1966 Sid Curtis 1964-1965 J. “Joe” Welsh 1963-1964 H.O. “Hubert” Robertson 1962-1963 B. “Blaine” Nolan, William D. “Dave” Reams 1961-1962 M.L. “Maurice” Parrish 1960-1961 N. “Newt” Glenn 1959-1960 C.L. “Chauncie” Snyder 1958-1959 J. “Jack” Saunders 1957-1958 C. “Clyde” Betts 1956-1957 David Holt 1955-1956 M.W. “Maurice” Davis 1954-1955 R.E. “Bon” Demming 1953-1954 Hank Romney 1952-1953 M.H. “Maurice” Conner 1951-1952 Art Gill 1950-1951 C. “Carl” Elayer 1949-1950 Nacho Galindo 1948-1949 C. “Clark” Doherty 1947-1948 J. “Joe” taylor 1946-1947 Ben Shantz 1945-1946 J.G. “John” Harlan 1944-1945 George Johnson 1943-1944 F.N. “Frank” Parrish 1942-1943 T.H. Schutte 1941-1942 Edwin E. Slover 1940-1941 Clyde Ely 1939-1940 Milton Stovall 1938-1939 H. James 1937-1938 Mel Porterfield 1936-1937 John O’Leary 1935-1936 Ross Calvin 1934-1935 J.V. “Vernon” Glenn 1933-1934 J.H. “Jack” Amy 1932-1933 W.E. “Bill” Park 1931-1932 Seth Larson 1930-1931 N.D. “Nate” Frazin 1929-1930 R.S. “Ray” Sensanbaugher 1928-1929 P.H. “Harvey” Harsh 1927-1928 R.P. “Bob” Noble
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